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Hot Selling Filling Machine

3d和值尾振幅we carry a large selection of filling mahcines, including beer filling machine, carbonated filling machine, small bottle water filling machine, 5 gallon water filling machine, juice filling machine, soybean milk filling machine, wine and alcohol filling machine, etc.

Beer Canning Machine

beer canning machine

Beer Filling Machine

3d和值尾振幅beer filling machine

Beer Canning Machine

beer canning machine

Glass Bottle Carbonated Filling Machine

3d和值尾振幅glass bottle carbonated filling machine


Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

3d和值尾振幅the glass bottle beer filling machine is a leader product of our company. it combined with rinser filler and capper three function. from semi-automatic machine to speed is from 200-20000bph based on 330m automatic beer filling machine we can produce.

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Plastic Bottle Beer Filling Machine

plastic bottle beer filling machine has rinsing filling and capping function. it main suit for fresh beer, draft beer, craft beer. the volume is from 200ml to 2l plastic bottle, speed can from 1000-20000bph. special bottle can use special order.

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Canning Beer Filling Machine

canning beer filling machine is also main product in our company. according to market requirement, canning beer is popular in craft beer package. it has a independent rinsing part. compact filling and sealing structure. it make beer quality and taste more better.

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2-5L Beer Drum Filling Machine

3d和值尾振幅2-5l beer drum filling machine suits for craft beer. use long tube filling principle. it is also a good choice for customer. we have semi-automatic and full automatic machine. speed from 50bph to 400bph. 2-5l beer drum are loved by family get together in dinner.

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zhangjiagang jinri beverage machinery co.,ltd. is professional manufacturer to develop beverage drink filling production line machinery. it is an integrated manufacturer of development, reaching, designing, production, technical service and marketing for professional producing beverage machinery. company main product are: beer, isobaric drink, carbonated drink filling production line, juice,tea,water, soybean milk, red wine, alcohol and other liquid in bottle, can, drums and various type of production line. welcome to you inquiry to our company. we are willing to discuss with you and make a good relationship.

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Why Choose JINRI

3d和值尾振幅we have strong technical development power, advanced design, sophisticated processing technology, and thoughtful services installation. according to domestic and international market demand, our company has developed a variety of production lines and related equipment. to meet the needs of different customers. the company provided the products are not only in china market, but also exported to asia, russia, africa, europa, sweden, norway, netherland, america and so on.

15 years of history
6,000 square meters
Introducing advanced technology at home and abroad
Independent design and development department
Customize equipment as required
Have a perfect after-sales team

News And Events

Notice of Work Resumption for JINRI

Notice of Work Resumption for JINRI

over the past half month, we have spent the longest and most memorable spring festival holiday in 2020 with our countrymen. in the heart of the epidemic, actively self-protection, and even more sincerely praising the heroes of the anti-epidemic people, jinri resumed work on february 18.

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Introducing a complete line of solutions for the beverage industry

Introducing a complete line of solutions for the beverage industry

over the years, the beverage industry has witnessed significant growth in volume and in market value. this dynamic growth has been traced to the increase in demand and also the ability of the industry to innovate new products that meet the needs of global consumers. there is no doubt that the manufacturing sector has played vital roles in such growth. this can be seen in the manufacture of innovative machines such as the carbonated drink filling machine which is used in the processing and packaging of carbonated beverages.

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Exploring China's craft market with first-class filling machines

Exploring China's craft market with first-class filling machines

the level and quality of equipment is another talking point. even as the market gets stricter it is time for those local manufacturers to step up their game by employing first class and top quality beer bottling machine equipment production line.

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3d和值尾振幅leave a mailbox, we will provide detailed information.


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