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Notice of Work Resumption for JINRI

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dear customers and partners,       


3d和值尾振幅over the past half month, we have spent the longest and most memorable spring festival holiday in 2020 with our countrymen. in the heart of the epidemic, actively self-protection, and even more sincerely praising the heroes of the anti-epidemic people, jinri resumed work on february 18.      


Notice of Work Resumption for JINRI

During the epidemic period, JINRI strictly complied with the requirements of government departments to call for postponement of construction. After careful evaluation according to the relevant departments of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, we have successfully passed the resumption of work. In the new year, JINRI will continue to provide high-quality beer filling machines3d和值尾振幅 and services to new and old customers. May hopes and blessings accompany positive actions and gather into a strong spiritual force, which will eventually lead us out of the haze and usher in the spring!


JINRI is engaged in integrating development, scientific research, design, manufacturing, technical service and marketing of food and beverage packaging machinery3d和值尾振幅. Taking market demand as its responsibility and taking product development as its guide, JINRI develops and produces various kinds of "JINRI Beverage Machinery" products with exquisite technology and excellent quality. Our main products include PET bottles, glass bottles, cans and various production lines for gas and non-gas beverage, beer, juice drinks, water, tea drinks and alcohol, wine.

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